Vision and Mission

Dumlupınar University International Student Office, which provides service under the Rectorate, was established in order to assist international students to accomplish their academic and social activities successfully, in an environment where cultural interaction, diversity, solidarity and friendship available among all of the students at the university.

Our Unit:

International Student Office provides administrative and academic consultancy to all international students beginning from their application process until their graduation. Our unit renders service to all of the international students who come to our university for license and pre-license education. Established in September 20th, 2012, International Student Office ensures coordination between the Rectorate and academic units that international students get involved in.

 Our Purpose:

The main purpose of our unit is to set up a basis, on which the international students of our university can have a successful and trouble-free education period. In order to attain this purpose: the procurement of the information that students need from the registration until graduation, the guidance for the bureaucratic processes related to both university and government, and organization of social events and activities for adjusting the university environment are performed.
Our Function:

To announce the required notifications to the prospective international students both in Turkish and English
To guide all international students during registration
To prepare brochure and pamphlets that include fundamental information for international students
To provide information about the campus, accommodation (student housing), health services to the international students and prepare Compliance Programs
To guide international students who are going to apply for Residential Permit for the first time
To encourage all the faculties, institutes and schools to have academic representatives for international students so that coordinated solutions within both academic and administrative problems are worked out through these representatives efficiently
To organize social and cultural activities to introduce Kütahya and Turkey
To introduce the Student Clubs’ representatives to the international students to help them find the communities that are involved with their ability and interests
To announce upcoming activities to international students via website and university bulletin

Last Update Date: 07 April 2014, Monday