Last Additional Placement Results and Required Documents for Registration 2018

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. The candidates who have been placed to any department must go and register to the Student Registration Office of the Related Department between the dates of 24 - 28 September 2018.

. The candidates must come to the registration and complete all the registration process in person. If a candidate is not available to come to the registration himself/herself, She/he must give a power of attorney (that must be taken from a Notary of Turkish Republic or Turkish Consulate) to any other person who can carry out the registration process. Also, this person must bring the authentic document taken from Notary or Consulate with himself/herself.


Diploma: The original form of High School Diploma. This diploma must be translated into Turkish by response persons. Both original form and translated form must be certified and stamped by Turkish Notary or Turkish Consulate.

Certificate of Equivalence: That is a certificate that shows that the education given in the high school of candidate is equal to the high school level of Turkish Education System. That can be taken from Turkish Directorate of National Education or Turkish Consulates.

Transcript of Highschool: That mus be certified and stamped by Turkish Notary or Turkish Consulate.

Examination Result Card: That must be sealed by the institution where the candidate took the exam. It also must be certified by Turkish Notary or Turkish Consulate. If there is a valid verification code on the document, the candidate does not have to make it certified by Notary or Consulate.

Copy of Passport: It must be translated into Turkish and must be certified and sealed by Turkish Notary or Turkish Consulate.

Bank Receipt: After student registration office gives a student ID to the student, he/she must pay the tuition fee of the department and deliver the receipt to the registration office. (You can get more detailed information from Registration Office)

Student Visa: That will be given by Turkish Consulate. If a student is from a country where there is no visa required she/he must indicate this to the response person in Registration Office.

Certificate of Foreign Language: If the candidate has such a certificate, he/she should give it to the office.

Turkish Language Certificate: The candidate's Turkish Proficiency Level must be at least B1 Level (For Medicine C1 Level). Only the certificates obtained from Turkish Education Centers (TOMER) of Council of Higher Education (Turkey) and Yunus Emre Institutes. If the candidate does not submit such a certificate, he/she must take the Turkish Language Proficiency Exam inDumlupinar University. If the student can not get the required Score from the exam, he/she must register to Turkish Education Center of Dumlupınar University.

Picture: The candidate must bring 6 passport photographs with him/her at the size of 4,5 cm x 6 cm.

Declaration on Residence Permit: After completing the registration process, the student will apply to Migration Office. After getting residence permit, he/she should deliver a copy of this to registration office.

Document of Financial Situation: That is a document which shows that all the expenses about education will be met by student himself/herself. That must be prepared and signed by the parents or the person who will meet the expenses.

Health Insurance: Within 3 days following registration, student mut apply to Social Security Institution to get information. Health Insurance is a must for Residance Permit. You can also get more detailed information from Migration Office.

Placement Result Card: The placement result card which is available on application system.

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Last Update Date: 17 December 2018, Monday